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Mieke Moll Pink Headshot smile.jpg

Jeffrey Mosier Photography 


I'm Mieke Moll (she/her). I am an actor/dancer/singer/choreographer based in New York City from Grand Rapids, MI. 

Having grown up in a town with a top-rated community theatre, I learned how to be excited with the unknown, embracing the risk of getting out of my comfort zone as I performed in multiple musicals with talented people of varying ages and backgrounds. 

Initially, extensive dance training brought me to the theatre, however, once there, I found my passion in acting, singing, and dancing for TV/Film as well as on the Stage. 

I am excited about collaborating in stories that portray female-identifying persons in a real, authentic, and positive light.

My Dream Day:

7:30 AM

  Shoot my scenes on set as C.W.’s “Supergirl”

or  "Catherine" in The Great

1:30 PM

 Submit  self-tape for “Karen” in upcoming Mean Girls film

 and “Judy” in Ryan Murphy’s A Chorus Line

6:30 PM

 Arrive at Ambassador Theatre for my opening night as “Roxie” in Chicago


Grab post-show celebratory dinner with friends!

In my spare time, I love to cook and bake! Follow my food account @matchamoll on Instagram for all of my latest food creations. 

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